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About Us

Traveling Music Lessons offers private, one-on-one music instruction for all instruments and all ages in the convenience of your own home. All of our teachers hold a music degree or equivalent experience, and they have passed a national background check.

Why we believe in the in-home model:

  • Students are accustomed to practicing on their own instrument, so it makes sense for the lessons to take place on the same instrument, especially with piano and other large instruments.
  • Racing through traffic to arrive on time to lessons can be a challenge in and of itself! It is an absolute luxury to have your teacher come to you.
  • Peace of mind knowing your child is at home where you can monitor, and even listen to the lesson if you would like. Safety is our number one priority, and we feel safe knowing our parents are able to observe their child's lessons.

Traveling Music Lessons opened in 2017 in Phoenix, AZ, under the direction of two sisters, Leah and Tess Halonen. Given the overwhelming popularity of the in-home lessons model, TML has grown into a national music school, specializing in preparing musicians for performances, gigs, creative projects and competitions. Tess has been an active musician for 30 years, and she has taught lessons for the last 20 years. TML is a platform and community for teacher and student musicians alike to share their expertise and get plugged into the music scene. Browse teachers in your area and join in on the fun today!

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