User Guide

Welcome to the new Music Jobs Board, another service from
Anahata Music Project, where we are
working for musicians, from heartbeat to downbeat!™

In order to be successful in your listings and searches for jobs, auditions, gigs, workshops, and other opportunities, it is important to understand how the Music Jobs Board works.


Understanding "Expires in X days" and "Active for X days"

When you fill out all the information for your listing, you will be asked to fill in the number of days before your opportunity expires. So, if you are a teacher with an ongoing search for students, you may want to put 100 or 200 in that black space. This would indicate that you will be welcoming new students for the foreseeable future. You do not intend to cut off your search on a certain date.

Your $6 paid listing, however, keeps your listing in "active" status for 21 days. So, even if you have decided that your studio will continue your search for the next several months, the Music Jobs Board will present your listing for 21 days. When those 21 days have elapsed, you have two choices:

1) Continue to purchase $6 listings at 21 days each; or

2) Contact the Music Jobs Board admin at to request the setting up of an annual account at $89/year. An annual account will keep your listing active for 365 days. Note: At this time, an annual account cannot be set up through the Music Jobs Board website. You must contact Anahata Music Project admin to create it.


Understanding the Search Fields

Open Text

The first field box is an Open Text box, which means you may type in any word or phrase to describe what you want to find in your search. Let’s say, for example, you are a mezzo soprano looking for auditions, and you are especially interested in finding auditions for the title role in the opera, Carmen. You type in “Carmen” in the first box, and hit the red Search button.

The results you get will include the word, “Carmen” anywhere within the listings. So this search may or may not return auditions for the role of Carmen. It may simply return listings of companies that list Carmen as a past production in its biography section.

All Categories

The second field box is All Categories, and it is the most powerful search field. Select from the drop-down menu the Category that most aligns with what you are looking for. This will significantly narrow your results to a relevant list of entries. You should almost always choose a Category when you do a search. To further refine your search, combine with a word in the Open Text box.

All Job Types

The All Job Types box is where you can select from a drop-down menu whether you want to see full-time, part-time, gig, or contractor posts. Many people use the terms "gig" and "contractor" interchangeably. If you are unsure, simply choose All Job Types, and you will see all entries within your category.


For this beginning phase of the Music Jobs Board, all listings will be within the state of Ohio. Later, you will be able to select other states and locales.